Distorted Lens

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Welcome to the Distorted Lens, a public space that might or might not be a bar, and might or might not be your home. It's filled with out-of-true lenses and prisms that shine and refract light into rainbows throughout. They're the work of Hender (no other name, just Hender), your building sup and bartender, as are all the glassware (no two alike, and some bizarre). Hender is a bit of an asshole but he's not a hardass about the rent and doesn't pry, so you like him well enough. You've never seen him without his dark goggles (which he made himself) or close-fitted hood, and often a face mask on top of that. Hender is fairly private himself. He has a couple of adult children which drop by from time to time. He gives people little glass ornaments a lot. He's obviously a Shelynite, and probably a devout one, but he doesn't talk about it much. He's not one for music and dancing (dangerous with all his glass), but stand-up comedy and dramatic poetry readings are regular things. The ground floor is the public space, second floor is Hender (and now Ekyrre and Ahaskin), third floor is three apartments laid out as railroad flats (Amitrael, Janun and Pohan's characters' rooms), and the fourth floor is Leon's offices and living space. It's a small building, all things considered. Janun likes hanging around the torches and fires while Hender is blowing glass, and knows there's a bit more to him – because when distracted, he accidentally stuck his hand in the torch and it didn't burn.

Ekyrre Halice is the newish bargirl, maid and dogsbody. She seems to have had a hard life but, well, that doesn't transmute to virtue in everyone. She's sarcastic, suspicious, erratic and generally unpleasant. She's from Nidal, doesn't talk about it, and her dislike of Kuthites is even greater than her dislike of humanity in general. Her sole positive quality may be her beauty, and many speculate she pays her rent in something other than coin, but if so it's DEFINITELY not an exclusive arrangement. She has a three-year-old son named Ahaskin who usually seems to be a typical toddler. But sometimes he holds earnest conversation with dead pigeons or empty patches of air.

V shares a one-bedroom apartment with two tiefling brothers, Vaccus and Leicen. Neither has any visible means of support, but Leicen comes up with their share of the rent on time so far. Vaccus is blind; when he was 8, a pack of human teens held him down and scooped out his eyes. He is a polite, charming fellow who refuses to let anyone help him dress, which means his outfits are often misbuttoned and mismatched, occasionally on inside out. Picking locks relies mostly on touch rather than sight, and so Vaccus has taken it up – purely for entertainment's sake, you understand.

Leicen is a loud, brash frat boy who definitely hits on V and brings other partners home too.He'd be pretty obnoxious if he wasn't genuinely interested in helping people and doing them favors. He's also happy to help V with spreading mayhem, so long as it never comes home to threaten his older brother. You're not entirely sure where he keeps getting money.

Distorted Lens

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