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Silver Ravens, Week 3.1- Decryption Update

Decryption Update

Decryption update: Rexus has uncovered many references in the documents to “the song of silver”, which the Silver Ravens used to “drive their enemies away from Kintargo”. Surrounding references are vague – it seems to assume everyone knows what the song is. Rexus would like you to be on the lookout for any more references or clues to this “song”. He has also identified the proper names referring to the old Silver Ravens’ leadership – Jackdaw, a secretive swashbuckler; Amyreid, a female half-elf cleric of Milani (and it appears most of the Ravens were Milani worshippers); Ba (a male Halfling enchanter), Kyda (a human diva and sneak) and Brakisi (a human man of the city and fighting type). Rexus also rejects the conclusion that his parents died in the fire at their estate, with a fairly solid argument: one of the bodies, based on char marks, was of an enormous, fat man – and that does not describe his father, any of the servants, and very, very few worshippers of Irori.
Now, a bit of metagame. The intention seemed to be for you to use teams to Gather Information to unlock new adventure hooks, but in my opinion this party has now done things to logically unlock three more plot threads through its own actions. So I’m going to present them to you now: 1) Laria comes to you with a plan to assault the Sallix Salt Works. Barzillai Thrune has been rounding up people left and right, the backlog to get a trial tends to be significant, and people are being used as slave labor before their trial. The SSW uses some of this slave labor now, and Laria believes they could be recruited to the cause (or, failing that, freed at least – she is, after all, willing to risk her life to free slaves). She argues it’s a good initial target because it technically isn’t the property of the government or the Church of Asmodeus, and as such retaliation will not be a priority. 2) Clenchjaw’s, where Amitrael has been drinking, has gone violent and weird. Fortunately, it still serves amazing oysters, a step up from most bar food. Rinston “Clenchjaw” Jon often falls asleep around curfew (which is odd for a bar owner) and then a full scale riot breaks out two or three times a week, with people afterwards claiming mistaken identity (they thought they were punching their boss, their ex, an Asmodean, someone they knew and loathed, and it turned out to be just the schmuck sitting next to them). If it isn’t resolved somehow, Thrune agents are bound to shut the place down, and that would be a major blow to city (and Ami’s) morale. 3) the Chelish Citizen’s Group is starting to torture people in public in Aria Park. This seems…somewhat misguided, as any legal torture would be conducted by government or church agents, and they are technically a private sector nonprofit….but that’s of little help to the people being “doghoused”, now is it? They seem to prefer female elves and tieflings, since there are rumors of both as enemies of the state at large. Kindly let me know if you intend to follow any of these threads next; I recall Amitrael also wanted to investigate the fall of the original Ravens, you may have active plans to look for Vestori, et cetera.
I intend to give you details on the coffee house staff, and wondered if you might have ideas for the team of street performers you recruited; the trap construction implies you have a traitor in the house, after all. And I wondered if you might be interested in devoting this next session, or a large part of it, to role-playing. I’m curious what you’re doing about hygiene, since Laria has a bathtub but it’s Halfling-sized. Rexus sleeps in the room Laria has given for you, showers at the Alabaster Academy and flatly does not undress in your presence. There’s also Val’s roommates, Zea her ‘follower’, the Red Jills, Hender and his ‘staff’, the question of what you will do when Barzillai Thrune is no longer Lord-Mayor…lots of meat to chew.


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