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Silver Ravens, Week 3

Dangerous Times- Thieves guild takedown

Silver Ravens, Week 3
A bit of a disastrous week from an organizational perspective. Dropped from 23 to 18 supporters; All recruiting checks failed. The Event this week was Dangerous Times; people are out on the streets spoiling for a fight, both “our sorts” (undesirables) and “their sort” (Asmodeans). The Silver Ravens chose to mitigate this through Intimidation, making it clear that the Ravens do not approve of random violence and will Do Something about it (only +5 to Danger Rating instead of +10); unfortunately, between that and the bad recruiting efforts (and the fight with a major gang, detailed later), the Ravens are now a blip on Thrune’s radar (Notoriety increase from 0 to 9). For those keeping score at home, the population of Kintargo has dropped by 3 so far (the killing of thugs is assumed to be normal business, replaced with migrants; the loss is from the slow response to the tooth faeries).

Epilogue to last week: returning from the fight with the tooth faeries, Valeria became progressively more disoriented before finally passing into a vegetative state; the others carried her back to the coffeehouse. No one questioned why you were bringing an unconscious female tiefling into Villegre across the bridge, but they were very clear that you had to pay the toll for her, as still legally a person. It was concluded that she had been poisoned with id moss and that she would eventually make a full recovery, but the next week was gonna be bad for her. The poison was found laced in the healing potions bought from The Newt; revenge was tabled when explosions in the Newt Market, investigated by Leonin, indicated that The Newt had fled after a confrontation with Chelish Citizens’ Militia types which resulted in him blowing them, probably literally, to Hell. During a trip down into the Wasp’s Nest, a section of wall collapsed abruptly, and investigation revealed a deliberate attempt to rig it as a trap, and only lack of skill on the trapmaker’s part caused it to collapse prematurely. Small tools were found hidden near the site.

The Ravens decided to look into the fires from the Night of Ashes, prompted in part by Rexus finally receiving the ashes of his parents from the Temple of Asmodeus and his being suspicious. Despite it being a month ago, Leonin was able to reconstruct the scene fairly well, showing five people dead, sulfur without soot (implying hellfire) and a blank spot that suggested a person and a large dog standing within the burning building, apparently unharmed, and then both of them walking out once it was truly starting to collapse. Leonin attempted to find a keepsake for Rexus and rolled well, but there’s nothing obviously salvageable; I think I’m going to say it’s some of the silverware and china, since that’s about all that could possibly have survived. In the ruins of the Silver Star, they found a firesafe, and were apprehended by a team of Asmodean redactors; they successfully bluffed their way through it without violence, saying the relevant paperwork was left in Leonin’s office. They stashed the safe and checked out the ruins of the Thrashing Badger, finding nothing of special interest but concluding that there had been a shrine to Milani under it. Returning to check out the firesafe, it turned out to contain several scrolls and potions, all clerical in nature; Valeria took a couple of the potions of lesser restoration immediately to bring her Intelligence back up to operational levels. A small human boy gave Valeria a dozen roses in the Greens, with a card in them allegedly from the Rose of Kintargo, counseling patience but dangling the prospect of an alliance before them. A few inquiries revealed that the Rose was a priest of Milani.
Returning to sort out his office, Leonin encountered a gang of extortionists shaking down Hender, five tieflings in matching red cloaks indicating their membership in the Red Jills. Leonin attempted to intervene diplomatically and, while he made a good impression overall, there were still five of them, and ultimately they walked away with Hender’s
petty cash box. Hender asked Leonin to get his money back and teach them a lesson – an annual ‘donation’ after Crystalhue was the price of keeping his secret, but this was excessive. The party was assembled and began trawling the Devil’s Nursery again, looking for people in red cloaks. They found some, trailed them, and ducked inside a building near curfew to find themselves with a crew of Red Jills – not the ones who stole from Hender – and over a dozen tiefling children. Awkward, forced conviviality ensued, including the sharing of large amounts of low-quality beer. The conversation went rounds until one of them lunged for Janun and Val and Leonin took him down. Threats and forceful conversation revealed that 1) the one with the money was named Figdak, and he wasn’t here, and 2) this was above their paygrade and should be kicked upstairs to the boss. Directions were given to the boss’ nest, an abandoned orphanage and shrine to Aroden on Temple hill. Traveling at night across two major streets was tense, but ultimately they were not discovered. The boss turned out to be Scarplume, a fire sorcerer strix nesting on the top of the building, and the PCs knocked her out despite the difficulty of the damaged rooftop terrain and their limited ability to damage her in the air as she rained fire down upon them, nearly killing Irmah in the process. The PCs looted her nest thoroughly, which included quite a bit of cash, and negotiated an agreement that Scarplume could live, and go about her business, if she left Hender alone (and surrendered her cash and amulet). She readily agreed. Valeria asked if she knew where Strea Vestori was, missing since the Night of Ashes; Scarplume did not, but seemed intrigued and promised to forward any information she found.


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