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Silver Ravens, Week 4

Sallix Salt Works

Silver Ravens, week 4
Sorry this is so late, but yeah, you were all there, more or less. After resolving a search of the coffee house by the dottari which managed to keep them out of the basement, the Ravens concluded there was a traitor in their midst. A glance at the letter indicated it had been written on a page torn from one of Laria’s ledgers, but as the dottari kept the letter, it is not available for analysis or comparison. The Ravens studied the help carefully, but only Caddo seemed to be stressed by the raid, and his fears seemed aimed at the guards rather than the Ravens – he must have some reason of his own not to want them around.

Feeling indebted toLaria for providing them a base of operations, the Ravens decided to give her request priority, and raid the Sallix Salt Works. They bought some alchemical glue, studied what records were available in the city planning office, and hid nearby until after dark. Gluing the side building closed, they went in through the back, quickly found the prisoners being housed in what used to be the manager’s office, but also alerted the night shift guards. A quick pitched battle followed in the hallway, with Leonin leading the prisoners (three humans and three halflings, led by one Forvian Crowe) back out the way they came. Something smashed its way out of the sealed side building, and the Ravens decided not to find out exactly what, running out through the front door. A short run to the water and a short swim south had everyone watching the sunrise from the shanty outside the Silver Gate, Crowe giving his effusive thanks, and the Ravens slipping back inside the city when the Gate opened, paying the toll and spinning some story about who they were and what they were doing (which I’d like to know, actually).
Since the operation went off without injury or loss (a first!), the Ravens decided to follow up immediately with an attempt to stop the torture going on in Aria Park. Disguises, of a sort, were made up for
Amitael and Valeria to pretend to be dottari, and a cease and desist order forged; the rest of the ravens circulated among the crowd in case it went wrong. It went mostly right; the CCG thugs were uncertain, and opted to take the “I dunno what you’re talking about officer, I was just standin’ here mindin’ my own business” approach. Those slavering mastiffs aren’t ours, honest. The mastiffs attacked and were put down while the thugs slunk off rather than fight. Many in the crowd remarked on nonstandard dottari loadout and behavior (“why is that one in half-plate with a battle-axe? Why is the other one singing?”), but Leonin and the other Ravens in the crowd quickly spun a story about a “special weapons and tactics squad” that at least prevented things from coming apart in real-time. The one in the “doghouse” (a cage designed to be impossible to either stand up or sit down in) turned out to be none other than Zea. Unconscious at the beginning, Zea was awakened and almost fully healed by Amitrael’s channels in combat, but Valeria insisted on carrying her out of the park, back to the coffee house, and having her fully checked over and healed before escorting her back to the Devil’s Nursery.
For the organization – Supporters has declined to 12,
Rexus has reduced Notoriety to 8, and the cities’ population has reduced by 1 ( an elf woman who died of privation in the “doghouse” before you got there). No Event was rolled for the week, but the effects of Dangerous Times were still in play. A crew of Sneaks and a crew of Peddlers were successfully recruited.

Translation update: Rexus has decoded the early portion of the document which details the individual exploits of Jackdaw, who set herself up as a hero of the people and champion against authority in Kintargo even before the Civil War and the death of Aroden. It is clear Jackdaw is a female elf.


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