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Silver Ravens, Week 5

Imps and Faerie Dragons

Silver Ravens, week 5

Epilogue: Leonin and Amitael caught one of the Ravens’ street performers, Morgur Manthai, drawing directions to the Wasp’s Nest on walls in the neighborhood of Villegre. Questioning him, they found Morgur to be surly and confused, but he admitted to writing the letter to the dottari because a voice told him to, and most recently drew the graffiti because a talking rat in the Wasp’s Nest told him to. Getting the cadre together to give the “base” another thorough inspection, they successfully unmasked an imp. The party declined to accept the imp’s surrender and offer of parley and smashed her back to Hell, recovering her pipes of the sewers, a wand of acid arrow with only a few charges left, and a couple of scrolls.

To compensate for attrition, the party decided to spend one action this week Recruiting Followers, and the other two to upgrade the Peddlers to Merchants and then Earn Gold. Broad success, with 25 followers for the moment; Rexus reduces Notoriety to 7 and has had to sell a second pearl to fund ongoing operations, but the treasury is still well-supplied. No Event again, effects of Dangerous Times have subsided this week.

Determined to check on Clenchjaw’s at last, the party made a rousing evening of it, complete with backflips through a ring of fire, used as cover to inspect the rafters, where a small hoard of jewelry and expensive liquor was found. The party pocketed it and walked out the back door, to be confronted with a spitting angry faerie dragon. Once the matter of hoard ownership was settled, the conversation was surprisingly civil, with Vendalfek (the faerie dragon) perfectly willing to accompany them. They took him to the Distorted Lens, because Amitael was adamant about not taking a fey creature into Laria’s home without Laria’s express prior permission; a midnight conversation with Hender (and Ahaskin, and Vendalfek) settled things for the night.
There isn’t an obvious path for week 6. In some respects you’ve been improbably lucky to date. I’m going to prepare a couple of reactions, but I intend to start by asking the Ravens to act rather than react. What will you do to undermine Barzillai Thrune and weaken his grip on the city? What do you not know that you think you ought to? Anyone you want recruit or recover? (I’m gonna keep bringing up Strea Vestori since Valeria and Zea have shown interest in her).


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