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Silver Ravens Week 1

Getting the Band Together

Silver Ravens, week 1

The PCs, Rexus Victocora and Laria Longroad decided, in Laria’s office, to reconstitute the Silver Ravens and overthrow the government of Kintargo. Awkward questions about what sort of government and city they wanted in its place were sidestepped for the moment. The focus of the group was made Loyalty (recruiting and influencing public opinion) as opposed to Secrecy (clandestine action) or Security (direct terrorism, basically). Officer posts were assigned – Demagogue (morale and loyalty of recruits): Janun. Partisan (field leader for direct actions): Valeria. Sentinel (reserve officer and Jill of all trades): Amitael. Spymaster: Leon. Strategist: Imrah. Recruiters: Rexus and Laria. The bag of pearls from the cache was declared organization Treasury; Rexus has taken one of the pearls and sold it to fund immediate recruitment activities (he’s the child of a great house that just burned down, him selling gems for cash isn’t conspicuous right now). For week one, it was decided to focus on Recruit Followers; Teams can come later. Rexus hangs about either the coffee shop or the Alabaster Academy, using his Silver Raven (he got the sixth one) to spread seditious messages and convince college students the Ravens are back. Laria mostly stays in the coffee shop and chats up the nobles who drop in, or their servants. Results are good (20 followers before attrition check). No Event was rolled.
With three open threads before them (investigate the fires from the Night of Ashes, investigate the serial killer active in the Devil’s Nursery, find out what the hell is in the basement), the PCs opted to focus on the basement. Laria admitted that she has a secret basement she uses to smuggle slaves to freedom in Varisia; it was dumb luck that she didn’t have a basement full of them when the curfew was declared. While this goes on she intends to lay off, but told a human smuggler friend he could use the space; he said he was smuggling fabrics. Then he went down into the space and didn’t come back up. The food and wine she sends down each night disappears. The laughter she hears is definitely not human.

The PCs found his body soon enough, in a large flooded room with a statue of an elf woman rising out of the murky water; examination revealed it had been stabbed and had its throat cut, then dumped in the water. (Leon’s an investigator, and Valeria knows a fair bit about wounds). After it was in the water, something ate about half of it. No sign of whatever did that, the PCs elected not to go into the water and if something is in there it elected not to come out.
They’re attacked from behind by some sort of maniacal bird thing; they beat it unconscious easily enough and manacle it. At that point they’re confronted by a flock of tengu angry about their daughter-sister-whatsit…but the PCs manage to avoid a fight by hastily pointing out that one does not manacle a corpse. A tense standoff and negotiation ensues; the Fushi sisters (the tengu) were smuggled out of Riddleport after Chough (the thing that attacked the PCs) ripped out the wrong throat in a fit of boredom or frustration. Korva Fushi decided to become mother to an egg she found but, after it hatched, it became clear this wasn’t actually a tengu; Chough grew to full adult size in only 3 years and doesn’t seem to have ever mastered language. She also kills, a lot, with her bare talons. Korva still thinks of Chough as her daughter or something like it and refuses to abandon or forsake her. The PCs gave the Fushis vague directions to a tengu gang called the River Talons in the city, and they departed, with Chough. This ought to be interesting.

There actually was a lot of cheap, water-damaged cloth down there; Amitael wrapped and sewed the corpse up. I look forward to hearing the next step in that process. Laria was informed, and the Wasp’s Nest, as she calls the basement, is now the PCs to use, it seems.

Loose threads: corpse disposal. Serial killer. Fires from the Night of Ashes. Imrah’s dog? Amitael suggested researching the old Silver Ravens to see how they failed or were destroyed. Leon also has some work/research projects that I really need to put some time into. I appreciate it if you tell me which threads you wish to pursue most actively. I also figure I should toss some more NPCs at you, presumably the baristas and regulars of the Long Roads Coffee House.


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